Company Profile:
Bluetechcd is a global leading optical Disc provider located in Lebanon.
We produce all kinds of Optical Discs, Audio CD, CD-Rom, Video CD, DVD Video, DVD Audio, DVD-Rom and BD (Blue ray Disc).
Bluetechcd offers complete solution of optical disc replication and turn-key service from pre-mastering, production, mastering, replicating and printing, to packaging.
Fully trained and experienced Engineers and technicians are at our customer’s service and we have a customized plan that will capture your replication project's highest vision and smallest details.
We are also committed to anti-piracy, which are an integral part of our process.
To satisfy our client's needs, our production facilities work 24 hours a day and has production capacity millions of discs per month.
For CD, DVD and BD manufacturing, we use equipment and production lines integrated with the most recent technologies in order to provide clients with the most effective-cost and the best services.
Our productivity limit is your imagination.

Our productivity limit is your imagination.



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